• Rubia Tir 7400 15w40
  • Rubia Tir 7400 15w40
Rubia Tir 7400 15w40

Rubia Tir 7400 15w40

SKU: 200026

Very high performance lubricant for diesel engines.

Sizes: Bulk 208L 20L 3x5L 5L

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  • Developed to answer to the very severe technical constraints of the new low-emission Diesel engines.
  • Adapted to the most severe servicing conditions: transports, public works…
  • Suitable for EURO 5 engines and previous (except EURO 4 and 5 MAN and DAF engines)
  • Its very high performance level insures longer drain intervals.
  • Use the same lubricant for all the diesel engines of your fleet, whatever their make.
  • Exceptional antiwear and anticorrosion properties.
  • Good efficiency against bore polishing.
  • Excellent viscosity stability in operation.
  • Very high detergency and dispersal levels (limits oil thickening due to soots).


  • ACEA E5 / E7
  • API CI-4/SL


  • MERCEDES MB-Approval 228.3
  • MAN M 3275
  • CUMMINS 20071/20072/20076/20077/20078
  • VOLO VDS-3
  • Renault Trucks RLD/RLD-2
  • Meets the requirements of CAT ECF-1a

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