Agrimot SDX 15w40

Very high performance multigrade oil specifically intended for lubricating naturally
aspirated and turbocharged diesel enginesin new generation CLAAS / RENAULT
agricultural tractorsand equipments.

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* Intended for lubricating CLAAS / RENAULT agricultural engines, particularly those of recent technology that satisfy the EUROPE Phase IIIa (2006) pollution control standard.
* Can be used in all tractor diesel engines including those not pollution controlled or which satisfy the Phases I (1999) or II (2003) standard.
* Particularly recommended for powerful engines or those used in severe conditions.
* Can be used in all agricultural Diesel or Gazoline engines, including those that are naturally aspirated.


* High thermal stability, ensuring excellent lubrication of hot parts of the engine even in summer.
* Excellent oxidation resistance, guaranteeing the life of the engine, particularly in case of longer oil-change intervals.
* Good fluidity when cold, for easier starting.
* Can be used for lubricating all types of engine, including older models (not pollution controlled).

Tech Spec

* ACEA : E7 / E5
* API : CI-4 / SJ


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