Agrishift GA 12

Special lubricant for mechanical transmission systems fitted with oil-bath clutches and brakes in CLAAS tractors and agricultural machines.

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* Lubrication of transmission systems in CLAAS and RENAULT agricultural tractors and machines
* Fitted with oil-bath brakes for which the manufacturer stipulates a lubricant officially approved to the GIMA M 1143 / 1145 standards.
* Hydraulic circuits, lifting and power-assistance systems.
* Hydrostatic steering systems.
* Power take-offs and clutches operating in oil.


* Tough oil film when hot with very high thermal stability.
* High resistance to oxidation and corrosion.
* Enhanced extreme-pressure and anti-wear properties.
* Harmless to seals.
* Very low pour point, and fluid at low temperature.
* Friction properties ensure progressive, slip-free for clutch operations and noise-free for brake operations

Tech Spec

* API : GL-4


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