Tranself Synthese FE 75w90

Fully synthetic lubricant for heavily loaded gearboxes and axles.

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For lubricating mechanical gearboxes (synchronised or not) and axles in cars and trucks as well as construction and agricultural machinery in the most heavy-duty conditions. * Particularly recommended when there is a desire for greater ease of gear shifting in cold weather with satisfactory gearbox operation when hot.


Multifunctional use in many axles and gearboxes. * Extreme-pressure and anti-wear properties enabling gearboxes to function under the most severe conditions. * High resistance to degradation, ensuring stable performance after prolonged use at high temperature. * Outstanding anti-rust and anticorrosion properties even in the presence of water. * Very high viscosity number and low pour point ensuring perfect lubrication at all temperatures. * Good shear stability. * Inert to seals even at high temperatures. * Very high anti-foaming power thus guaranteeing a resistant lubricating film even at high speeds. * Very good filtrability allowing the lubrication of devices (gearboxes or axles) fitted with oil filters.

Tech Spec

API GL-4 / GL-5 * API MT-1


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