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Maintaining your farming machinery is crucial to reaching your production and reducing downtime. This is why Finol Oils offer the best value in high technology lubricants for your fleet.



Engine Oils are vastly different today than what they were 10-15 years ago and choosing the right lubricant can be the difference between on optimal performing fleet or increased downtime. Maintaining this equipment in an effective operating state is critical for reaching your production goals and ensuring that your farm runs in the most efficient way possible.

This is why Total and Elf lubricants are formulated to give the highest level of performance and protection that is vital to all of your equipment. Total and Elf lubricants are tailored to meet all international standards and approvals of leading farming equipment manufacturers. They can help you to improve the reliability and usability of your machinery, optimising the performance of your agricultural equipment and potentially reducing your operating costs.

For farmers and agricultural contractors, the high performance of the lubricants mean a number of potential advantages including improved machinery performance, reduced maintenance costs, potentially extending oil change intervals and the long-term protection of equipment. These benefits all lead to one defining factor, reduced downtime.

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Finol supply an extensive range of OEM approved lubricants dedicated to the agricultural sector including Total, Elf and Finol branded lubricants. Our range of products includes OEM approved products such as:

Engine Oils
Univeral Oils
Gear/Transmission Oils
Hydraulic Oils
Chain Oils
Milking Machine Oils

Total’s family of engine oils and lubricants include a complete range of products dedicated to the farming industry, with high technology lubricants to ensure your machinery performs at the highest levels. Total’s products are carefully tailored to provide cost-effective and practical solutions to meet the demands of a profession that depends on sophisticated equipment.



Finol Oils provide innovative and unique lubricants, created to allow you optimal management of your agricultural equipment. Their outstanding performance is the result of extensive practical experience in the service of the agricultural sector. The Total and Elf range of lubricants meet the needs of the main agricultural applications Agricultural machinery, including tractors and combine harvesters, are developing constantly and require the use of more advanced lubricants. This is why Finol provides constantly developing products, oils or greases that meet or even exceed the main technical requirements of the manufacturers of agricultural equipment. The result is a comprehensive range of products that meet the requirements of the main agricultural applications.

To find out more about the Total and Elf range of agricultural lubricants, speak to our dedicated technical team at 01-455 5484 or view the full range at

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