Independent Fuel Economy Tests

(The Union Technique de l’Automobile du motocycle et du Cycle)

Proven economies over the whole drive train Having been conducted at one of the most recognized and prestigious independent testing facilities in the United States, RUBIA TIR 7900 FE 10W-30 engine oil alone enabled a fuel savings of 1.28% when hot running as compared with the standard RUBIA TIR 7900 15W-40 lubricant (which represents 90% of a truck duty cycle) This performance is further improved with the use of Fuel Economy transmission lubricants. UTAC has awarded TOTAL a certificate following tests carried out on MAN, RENAULT Premium and VOLVO FH trucks. The tests consisted of comparing the performance of FE lubricants with that of standard lubricants, UTAC awarded the certificate confirming the savings generated due to the combined use of Fuel Economy lubricants (engines, gearboxes and differentials lubricants).

A certified 3% economy A certification delivered by Millbrook based on 5 campaigns of tests: Following a series of 5 tests spread over several years and carried out on different makes & models (VOLVO, DAF, SCANIA, RENAULT TRUCKS and MAN), Millbrook has confirmed by its certificate that the combined use of TOTAL’s engine and transmission Fuel Economy lubricants enables savings of 1 litre per 100 km/62 miles or 3%. Even more savings for vehicles used on urban routes (buses, garbage trucks) : The tests conducted at Millbrook have proven that the savings generated by Fuel Economy lubricants are even higher in an urban route than in a long-distance route.
An average savings of 1.34 % Following a series of tests conducted on a MAN TGX 440 (Euro 4) truck, the TÜV certified in the conclusion of its report that the sole use of Fuel Economy engine oil (RUBIA TIR 8900 FE 10W-30) makes for an average savings of 1.34%. The combined use of engine (RUBIA TIR 8900 FE 10W-30) and transmission (TRANSMISSION XS FE 75W-80 and TRANSMISSION SYN FE 75W-90) lubricants has even enabled a fuel economy of up to 6.41% (under certain duty conditions).Those results were based on comparison with standard products: 10W-40 engine oil and 80W-90 transmission oil.