Fuel Efficient Lubricants can help lower operating costs, without compromising the protection, performance and power of the engine

With the current economic climate and the fluctuations in fuel prices, motorists & companies are very focused on how they can achieve additional fuel savings. Being able to run your vehicles more efficiently is the best way to start saving and reduce your fuel cost. Fuel Economy Lubricants like the Total Fuel Economy range can help reduce the costs long term with 1 Litre of fuel saved per 100KM under normal driving conditions.

Fuel Economy lubricants help maintain the engine and prevent wear, they are designed to reduce friction loses throughout the vehicles drive chain. They are designed from synthetic base oils with reduced viscosities which require less energy to lubricate. Fuel Economy Lubricants have specific additives that allow reduction in this friction which is responsible for energy loss in the engine. Fuel Economy lubricants also enable a reduction in polluting emissions per km/mile, they optimize the efficiency of vehicle post-treatment systems and prolong engine life due to engine cleanliness and anti-wear protection.

The Fuel Economy concept is recognised by ACEA (Association of European Automotive Manufacturers) & API (American Petroleum Institute) who set the rules concerning the lubricants’ level of performance. OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) work off these performance levels and develop test on their engines to set their own levels usually set higher than ACEA & API. These OEM’s such as Renault Trucks, Daf, Iveco, Mercedes & Volvo are using Fuel Efficiency lubricants for their first fill.

The Total Fuel Economy range was developed in TOTAL’s Labourites using the ACEA, API and OEM performance levels as a starting point. TOTAL’s Products are always developed to a higher performance level then required and are continuously subject to the most rigorous testing, ensuring its continuing performance.

Independent tests carried out by UTAC Logo Laboratory & Millbrook Logo Proving Ground Ltd, have certified the performance levels of the Total Fuel Economy Lubricants. UTAC have certified Total’s fuel economy lubricants can reach economy of fuel of 2.7% and Millbrook certify that Total’s fuel economy lubricants are enabling a saving 1L/100km.

Fuel Saving GraphOf course while using Fuel Economy Engine Oil reduces fuel consumption, the vehicles engine is only responsible for 40% of the loss in energy while the rest of the drive chain Transmission & Axles are responsible for the other 60% of the energy loss. Therefore the key to maximizing the savings and benefits is to use the full package, combine Fuel Economy Engine Oil with Fuel Economy Transmission & Axle Oils. When the full package is used these Fuel Economy Lubricants have proven fuel savings of 3% in relation to conventional lubricants. Normally lubricant companies only offer 1 Fuel Economy Product 5W30 but TOTAL offers the full range.


TOTAL Transport Fuel Economy Lubricants Brochure

As the Irish distributor for TOTAL Lubricants, we can provide you with the full range of Fuel Economy Lubricants you require to start moving your transport costs to a more efficient level. We also offer an additional product, Actioil a Diesel fuel system treatment designed to prevent and solve the problems of moisture, gelling and bacteria & Fungus build up in your tanks and fuel system. Actioil used in addition to the Fuel Economy Lubricants can ensure you achieve peak efficiency.

For more information on Actioil you can head to the Actioil website, or beginning this Friday we will be doing a product focus each week on a particular product on our blog here. This weeks product will be Actioil.

Fuel Economy Protection

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