The latest Engine Oil for Hybrids

Finol Oils are the leading suppliers of automotive lubricants in Ireland and providers of the highly innovative Total Quartz 9000 Future GF5 0W-20. This is a fully synthetic and specialised engine oil designed for application with the latest advances in engine technology.

QUARTZ 9000 FUTURE GF5 0W20 1L Engine Oil

The Hybrid Revolution

Ongoing advances in automotive design and engine technology are transforming the way we drive. A continuing shift towards hybrid technology is due to improved efficiency and cost savings resulting from the duel systems ability to require minimal fuel while recovering wasteful energy.

As these technologies continue to advance and become more prevalent it is increasingly more important to use a high-quality oil to maintain flawless functionality of your hybrid engine and its unique requirements. Choosing the best product will ensure your vehicle runs more efficiently, while also greatly extending engine life.

Quartz 9000 Future GF5 0W-20

This advanced product is at the cutting edge of synthetic oil and is designed specifically for the latest in hybrid engines and those equipped with stop/start technologies. This fuel economy engine oil reduces internal friction and wear resulting in the provision of optimum power while simultaneously delivering fuel cost savings.

The Benefits:

  • Reduced environmental impact: Total Quartz 9000 Future GF5 0W-20  3.1% reduction in fuel consumption, as measured by the official ILSAC test: sequence VI D.This innovative engine oil also meets the performance levels claimed by brands such as Honda, Toyota and Mitsubishi in relation to environmental standards.
  • Protection for pollution-control systems: With its low phosphorus content, this lubricant also optimises the way in which three-way catalytic converters operate, preventing them from getting damaged through poisoning. This reduces NOx, HC and CO in particular.
  • Engine protection and cleanliness: This oil offers the best possible protection in its category against wear and deposits as soon as the engine has started up.
  • Easier cold starts: The 0W- grades, together with special additives, makes cold engine starts easier, even at very low temperatures
  •  Oil change intervals: To be modified based on the usage, please always refer to the car owner’s manual.


Finol Oils Ltd is the leading supplier of premium, high-performance lubricants and services in the Irish market. Currently, the companyAutomotive engine oil supplies an extensive range of highly technical and proven products for the automotive market, including Total Quartz 9000 Future GF5 0W-20.

To find out more about this industry-leading engine oil, and our wide range of automotive products, contact Finol today at 01-4555484 or view the range today.

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