Carter SY Range

The Carter SY range is a synthetic lubricant for enclosed gears (polyglycol). WIth a very high and shear stable viscosity index, the Carter SY can operate under the most severe conditions. This product is available in a number of viscosities including 150, 220, 320, 460 and 680

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* Lubrication of gears operating under the most severe conditions (high loads, shocks, extreme temperatures and corrosive atmospheres).
* Lubrication of worm gears.


* Very high and shear stable viscosity index.
* Low coefficient of friction: greater protection for non-ferrous parts, such as the bronze ring gear in worm gears systems, offering an energy saving of between 5 and 10% compared with a mineral oil.
* Excellent thermal stability: extended oil lifetime.
* Very good foaming behaviour.
* Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.
* Very high level corrosion protection (tested with sea and acidic water).

Tech Spec

* DIN 51517 Part 3 -> group CLP
* NF-ISO 6743-6 category CKS/CKT


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