Classic 10W-40

Synthetic based multigrade oil for petrol and diesel engines, formulation using a set of additives with carefully selected performance and proportions to answer to the quality standards of the Association of the European Manufacturers.

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* Lubrication of all Gasoline engines with or without catalytic converters, and Diesel engines, turbo-charged or naturally aspirated, in cars and light vans in the most varied weather and service conditions.


* Retains its multigrade properties throughout its life.
* Good thermal stability.
* Detergent, dispersant, anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion capabilities that easily exceed the requirements of the specifications indicated above.
* Enhanced anti-wear capability satisfying the requirements of the motor manufacturers.
* Excellent low temperature flow properties ensuring easy cold starts. Engine components are lubricated immediately, giving longer life.

Tech Spec

* ACEA A3/B4


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