Drosera MS Range

A high-performance multifunctional zinc free oils for machine tools. This premium slideways oil is available in a number of viscosities including 32, 68, 100, 150 and 220

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DROSERA MS offers a wide range of products for all parts of machine tools (hydraulics, slides, gears).
* Machine tool slide ways under all conditions of speed and load (grades 68 to 320).
* Hydraulic circuits for hydraulic pumps and motors (grades 32 and 46).
* Gear boxes and feed mechanisms of all types with or without wet electro magnetic clutches (grades 68 to 320).
* High speed machine spindles (grades 5, 10, 15 and 22 ) and very high speed (grade 2).
* Hydrodynamic lubrication of mill roll stands during grinding (VG 460).
* Particularly suitable for centralized lubrication systems.
* ISO VG 68 to 150 are also well suited to cold heading applications.


* Excellent extreme-pressure properties
* Excellent anti-stick-slip properties.
* Strong stickiness grades (ISO VG 68 to 320).
* Very low coefficient of friction.
* Antioilmist properties.
* Very good foaming resistance.
* Very good oxidation resistance
* Very good protection against rust
* Very good anti-wear properties.
* Good filterability.

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