Excelcut NPIR 100

EXCELCUT NPIR 100 is an all-round water mix metalworking fluid. Although not designed as a semi-synthetic type fluid it does provide machining capabilities and sump life expectancy way beyond those products classed in the high milky soluble bracket of fluids. Therefore, this means that EXCELCUT NPIR 100 is able to cope with materials with widely different machining characteristics whilst providing good levels of sump life characteristics.

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  • Excelcut NPIR 100 is a water-mix metalworking fluid designed for use in general-purpose machining.
  • Excelcut NPIR 100 should be used at concentrations higher than its specified corrosion breakpoint.
  • Maximum machining performance can be achieved at concentrations of up to 12%, however, the majority of operations will be completed with concentrations in the range 5% to 10%.
  • Always check your machinery manual for the correct mixture before use.


  • Chlorine-free
  • Good levels of anti-corrosion protection
  • Multi-metal compatible
  • Improved sump life in comparison to more conventional milky soluble oils
  • Low foaming
  • Easy mixing when added to water
  • Suitable for a wide variety of operations from turning and drilling
  • Suitable for both ferrous and nonferrous materials

Tech Spec


  • Technical Data Sheet – Download
  • Material Safety Data Sheet – Available upon request

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