Finol Antifreeze is an ethylene glycol based antifreeze blended with modern additives to give excellent performance in a wide variety of
automotive and industrial applications.



* Antifreeze traditionally has been introduced into the vehicle cooling system in the Autum then drained the following spring. This ensures that the vehicle engine is protected against frost damage.
* Corrosion prevention of the internal surfaces of the cooling system can be minimised if used all year round.
* Protection internally from rusting and externally from frost damage


* Protects engine cooling systems against freezing and corrosion.
* Provides protection for metals used in cooling systems; cast iron, aluminium, steel, brass, etc.
* Does not contain methanol and is nitrate free.
* Inhibited ethylene glycol product.
* Suitable for all types of engines.

Tech Spec

* BS6580


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