Finol Premium Coolant 50-50

Finol Premium Coolant 50:50 is an ethylene glycol based antifreeze blended with modern additives to give excellent performance in a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications.



  • Protection against freezing and corrosion for cooling systems, fitting in cars, trucks, tractors, buses and contractors plant.
  • Suitable for the cooling systems of industrial machinery, such as plastic moulding machines.
  • Not to be used in systems connected to a general water supply due to the toxic nature of this product.


  • Suitable for all engines, petrol, diesel or gas.
  • Harmless to all gaskets, hoses and seals.
  • Keeps cooling systems clean and free from rust sludge, avoiding the need to “back flush”.
  • Dyed for easy identification.
  • Tech Spec

  • BS 6580: 1992: EMPA,
  • ASTM D 1384/71
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