Hydraulic HV Range

The Finol Hydraulic HV range is a high viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oil recommended for all types of operating that systems that are faced with high temperature and high-pressure environments. This range is available in viscosities of 46 and 68.



* Hydraulic HV is recommended for all kind of hydraulic systems operating under high pressure (limit as indicated by the pump manufacturer) and high temperature (up to 100*C in hot points).
* Lubricants especially suitable for hydraulic systems working under extreme temperature variations and equipment operating outside : easy start up at low temperature (-30C) and regular operating in all seasons : civil engineering, agriculture, marine, transport and other industrial applications.


* Very high viscocity index
* Excellent shear stability
* Superior thermal stability avoiding the formation of sludge even at high temperature.
* Very good oxidation stability ensuring a long service life of the fluid.
* High protection against wear insuring maximum equipment life.
* Excellent hydrolytic stability avoiding filter blocking.
* Remarkable filterability even in the pressence of water.
* Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.
* Good anti-foam and air release properties by using silicon free components.
* Very low pour point.
* Good demulsibility ensuring rapid water seperation.

Tech Spec

* AFNOR NF E 48-603 HV
* ISO 6743/4 HV


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