Hydroflo CT

Hydraulic fluid with very high viscosity number and shear resistance.

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* HYDROFLO CT is a mineral-based lubricating oil specially designed for hydraulic circuits in systems working in severe conditions.
* Particularly recommended for high working pressures (over 200 bar) and wet environments (river navigation, fishing, offshore platforms, and so on).
* To help standardisation, HYDROFLO CT can lubricate any machine whose manufacturers have less stringent requirements.


* Very high shear resistance.
* Extremely stable viscosity, allowing straightforward operation at low or high temperature, and guaranteeing a substantial oil film in any conditions.
* High anti-wear capability ensuring a long life for mechanical components.
* High resistance to oxidation and hydrolysis, preventing formation of deposits and degradation of the oil in the presence of water.
* Good rust and corrosion control.
* Excellent filtrability: the additives are stable in the presence of water.
* Extremely compatible with seals.

Tech Spec

* ISO 6743/4 HV
* DIN 51524 p.3 HVLP
* AFNOR NF 48 603 HV


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