Moto Air Filter Oil

Internal combustion engine foam air filter oil

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* Particularly suitable for oiling the foam filter on air filters used on scrambling, enduro or trial machines, as this oil can withstand the harshest conditions.
* Important: so that Moto Air Filter Oil can fully perform, follow these instructions:
* New air Filter:
– completely impregnate the foam with Moto Air Filter Oil
– remove excess oil by pressing the filter element without twisting it.
* Filter element in use:
-the filter must be cleaned after each motorcross or off-road event, and during non-competition use depending on the dust cloud created, wash the foam filter with petrol or a similar product.
-leave the element to dry completely.
-impregnate the foam with Moto Air Filter Oil.
-remove excess oil by pressing the filter element without twisting it.


* Moto Air Filter Oil has a low viscosity at low temperature which maintains its properties in cold weather.
* High temperature viscosity is optimised to prevent aspiration of the oil by the engine.
* Surface tension is optimum with regard to the polyurethane foam and the dust to be seperated. Very good impregnation.
* Excellent compatibility with the materials used for the manufacture of impregnation type filter elements.

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