Biodegradable lubricant for guides and chainsaws meeting the European Ecolabel.

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* Wood chainsaws for manual workers or installed on special machinery (Pruning or cutting machines¦)
* Chain conveyors


* Friendly environmentally product thanks to its total biodegradability after use.
* Very good lubricity due to its excellent adhesivity
* Loss reduction
* Oil consumption reduction
* Guide and chain wear reductions
* Colourless and odourless

Tech Spec

* Certified conform to the European Ecological Seal requirements. Registration Number : FR / 27 / 02 / 08 AFNOR CERTIFICATION Helps to reduce the pollution ; helps to reduce the resources consumption.
For furthermore information on Eco-label, please consult :
* Meets the criterias of the 44th article of 2006 French Agriculture Law, modified in 2010
* Satisfactory to the technical performance criterias of the german BLUE ANGEL Eco-label (RAL UZ 48 norm).
* CHAINBIO 100 is particularily adapted to the lubrication of of chains and guides of mechanical chainsaws installed on forestry cutting machinery.


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