Rubia TIR 9200 FE 5W-30

A Synthetic lubricant for diesel engines, suitable for on-road heavy-duty applications, with
FUEL ECONOMY technology.

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* Recommended for Euro 5 and previous engine models with approvals of most manufacturers. It is also suitable for Euro 5 IVECO engines with extended oil drain intervals (up to 150 000 km).


* Its FUEL ECONOMY technology helps save 1% fuel on average, compared to an SAE 40 grade reference lubricant. This value can reach 3% if used in combination with FUEL ECONOMY transmission lubricants.
* TOTAL RUBIA TIR 9200 FE 5W-30 combines synthetic base stocks that confer effective thermal stability with easier cold start.
* Excellent detergent, antioxidant and anti-corrosion additives help to reach extended oil drain intervals, defined by manufacturers (such as IVECO, MAN and Mercedes-Benz) and reduce maintenance costs.
* TOTAL RUBIA TIR 9200 FE 5W-30 exhibits a very high T.B.N level (16 mgKOH/g) to neutralize acid compounds and prevent their corrosive attack.
* Outstanding detergent, dispersant and anti-wear properties keep the engine™s most sensitive parts clean and afford efficient protection against cylinder liner polishing.

Tech Spec

* ACEA E4/E7


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