A very high performance Low SAPS lubricant specially developed for the lubrication of materials used in
earthmoving, minings or quarries, providing substantial economies within the fuel consumption reduction.

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* TOTAL STAR MAX FE 10W-30 lubricates the Diesel engines of the last generation, notably the engines compliant to the TIER 1, 2, 3 or 4 final (Euro Stage I, II, III or IV) standards.
* It can lubricate the small gasoline or gas engines and the piston-compressors.
* TOTAL STAR MAX FE 10W-30 applies in all hydraulic systems, high or low pressure, equipped with very high performance filters
* TOTAL STAR MAX FE 10W-30 lubricates the oldest or current gearboxes, manual or powershift.
* TOTAL STAR MAX FE 10W-30 can be used in all seasons due to its high viscosity index:
* Very fluid at cold temperature, with easy cold starting of organs with an effective and rapid filtration, even in winter season.
* Thick at high temperature, keep an optimal lubrication and a low oil consumption due to its no-conventional base oil components.


* Allows to strongly decrease the lubricant number needed for the whole vehicle park maintenance and avoids all lubricant mistakes
* Reaches the highest quality levels required by the manufacturers for their engines (E9/CJ-4), transmissions (GL-4/TO-4) and hydraulics systems (HK/HV)
* Enable longer drain intervals up to the maximum allowed by the OEMs
* Self-adaptive, its patented formulation fits to the lubricated organ requirement
* Provides substantial economies by reducing the fuel consumption (CIFE process)
* Helps to decrease the exhaust Carbon Dioxide (CO2) production
* Its Low-SAPS chemistry is recommended for engines equipped with exhaust gas after-treatment systems, like DPF, SCR, catalysator¦.

Tech Spec

* API: CJ-4 / CI-4+ / CI-4 / CH-4
* ACEA: E9 / E7 / E5 / A3/B4
* JASO: DH-2


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