Tranself Universal FE 80W-90

Extreme-pressure lubricant for heavily loaded gearboxes and axles.



* For lubricating a wide range of mechanical gearboxes and differentials in light vans, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery in the most heavy duty conditions.
* Specially adapted for lubricating rear axles where operating temperatures are high and for which the user also seeks to extend the oil drain intervals.


* Multifunctional use in many axles and gearboxes.
* Particularly stable coefficient of friction ensuring good synchronisation in all situations for a wide range of gearboxes.
* Very high level extreme pressure and anti-wear capabilities.
* Very good thermal performance guaranteeing that the product is stable even under heavy loads and at high temperature.
* Enhanced anti-rust and anti-corrosion capabilities.
* Inert to seals.
* Carefully designed frictional properties with base components selected to reduce vehicle fuel consumption.

Tech Spec

* API MT-1, GL-4 & GL-5


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