Varcool 100 M is a high oil containing metal process fluid which produces a milky white emulsion when diluted in water. Varcool 100 M has been developed to exhibit full multi-metal compatibility and is suitable for use on critical aerospace materials and alloys that are used in today’s aircraft industry. Varcool 100 M incorporates the latest performance additives to provide the highest degree of machine tool and component lubricity for the machining of various components both ferrous and non-ferrous. Varcool 100 M exhibits excellent and lubricity characteristics, thus making the product suitable for a whole variety of machining applications whilst maintaining machine cleanliness and operator acceptability.

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* Varcool 100 M is designed to be mixed with water, it has been developed to exhibit full multi-metal compatibility and is suitable for use in soft and hard water types.
* Mix emulsions of Varcool 100 M with water by adding concentrate to water and than mixing or use a suitable proportioning mixer unit. The use of an airline to mix the solution is not recommended. Machine top up may require a weaker dilution than the initial machine charge concentration recommended. Concentrations can vary depending on operations, materials, tooling, coolant pressure, coolant flow. The above information is given for guidance, Please contact your machines manufacturer for further advice.
* Varcool 100 M is compatible with a wide range of materials used in the construction of machine tools.
* Varcool 100 M should always be stored indoors and protected from frost.


* Excellent performance characteristics.
* Chlorine free.
* NP Ethoxylate free.
* Multi-functional.
* Multi-metal compatibility.
* Good levels of Boundary Lubrication

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