Rally School Ireland

In 2015 we entered into partnership with Rally School Ireland. Finol are now Rally School Irelands Lubricant partners giving them Rally School Irelandaccess to TOTAL’s top tier lubricants as supplied to everyone here in Ireland from Finol Oils for their entire fleet of top racing cars. Visitors to Rally School Ireland can now see TOTAL branding on the school’s premesis as well

Situated between Dublin and Donegal, Rally School Ireland is an essential part of any tour of Ireland.  Go on an adventure to Monaghan and discover a world of fast cars and excitement while racing against the clock – or each other! Listed as the top outdoor activity in County Monaghan by TripAdvisor, Rally School Ireland guarantees a great day for all the family and is guaranteed to be a highlight of any trip to Ireland, from start to finish.  So challenge yourself to drive as hard as you can, or treat your loved one to a gift voucher and allow us to wish you a Cead Mile Failte to Monaghan.

Toyota Rally School Ireland
Whatever your reason for visiting – a gift voucher, to improve your road driving skills, to drive competitively, or to entertain your clients and friends – Rally School Ireland provide a fast-moving, adrenaline packed, exciting day! Their top class staff and the exhilarating fleet will fly you around our 1.1km track so that you can improve your rallying and general driving skills and have massive amounts of fun doing it!  Their conference facilities and on-site catering make them a perfect option for businesses looking for an exhilarating team-building experience.  Watch from their observation tower while your friends and colleagues drive a Ferrari around their track and let the excitement build for your turn!  They are Motorsport Ireland approved and a national coaching and training centre, so you are assured of the best training and instruction available.

For more information on Rally School Ireland, you can visit their website here.