Become a Stockist

At Finol, we don’t want to just sell our products to you; we want to help you to sell our engine oils, our truck oils, our greases, our fuel treatment etc. We want you to be able to purchase at a reasonable cost our top of the line lubricants and in turn to ensure you are able to make money for your business. This, while still offering a premium product to your customers at a price below our competitors for the comparable product.

Peace of mind

All of Total and Elf’s oils have been tested and approved by leading manufacturers and equipment OEMS and meet the exacting standards of the major international oil standards organisations. Among them:

  • ACEA – European Automobile Manufacturers Association
  • API – American Petroleum Institutes
  • JASO – Japanese Auto Standards Organisation

Many cheaper products claim to meet these standards, and many do, but when it comes to warranty issues, some manufacturers will not stand by claims when officially approved lubricants were not used. 

Technical Backup

At Finol, our helpdesk is only a phone call away for questions from your customers, our online ‘which oil’ application is free to use for all. Our online blog is a growing resource for all your technical information. In addition, we will provide many brochures and oil recommendation manuals to have at hand.  Read further on our Technical support service.

Point of Sale

For retail premises, we can provide striking and attractive lubricants point of sale displays to suit your space requirements. See imagery and detail on our display stands

Palletized Pricing

Larger distributors can avail of ‘pallet pricing’.  When buying a pallet of one product ask your area manager for any pallet deals. We can offer reduced prices or additional free product when certain products are purchased in large pallet quantities – One pallet is equal to 40 x 20L drums or 4 x 208L barrels or 52 3x5L cartons or 45 x 18x1L boxes. 

Fast nationwide delivery

Wherever you are located, we can promise you a 3-day turnaround in your order where the product is in stock. If in Dublin and ordered before noon, we can deliver next day if requested. Furthermore, if your order is delivered by our own vehicles, delivery is free of charge. If courier delivery is required we may charge delivery for orders under 200L 

Large and varied stockholding

At Finol we pride ourselves on having the largest lubricant stockholding in the country. At any one time, we will have over 1 million litres of lubricants on our shelves. We stock large quantities of every fast moving product and smaller quantities of the more specialised products. We keep in stock 90% of all lubricants in the Total and Elf ranges. It is a rare occasion when we run out of product. When we get calls for a highly specialised product, we will source at the earliest possible opportunity and if needed will stock for customers who have an ongoing requirement. 

Not just oil

At Finol we distribute more than just oil, we can also supply you with Coolants, brake fluids, screenwashes and other car and Vehicle care products. We also are sole distributors for the Actioil Fuel system treatment

Getting started

If you’re interested in becoming a reseller, contact Finol or one of our sales team in your area. If you’re not ready to resell right now consider signing up to our monthly newsletter to keep up to date on special offers, news and blogs it only takes 10 seconds. We promise we won’t bombard you with unwanted material

Do you want to become Stockist?

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