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Fuel Saving Tips

In these times of rising fuel costs, it's only natural to look for Fuel Saving Tips. While switching from driving to using public transport does help but is not feasible for everyone, especially for people living in areas with limited connectivity. Also, Public...

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Petro-Canada Supreme C3 Synthetic

Petro-Canada supreme c3 synthetic Petro-Canada’s Supreme C3 synthetic is designed to provide lubrication for high-performance gasoline and light-duty diesel engines for today’s passenger cars, SUVs, vans and light-duty trucks. It is a carefully balanced selection of...

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Euro VI Step D Engine requirements

Latest oil requirements of euro vi step d engines Euro VI standard lays the regulations for compliance of motor vehicles weighing greater than 2610 kg (coaches, trucks, and buses), engines and spare parts for such vehicles. Similarly, it enforces the conditions for...

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