Frequently Asked Questions for Actioil

What is Actioil?
Actioil is a complete diesel fuel treatment that prevents and solves problems of moisture, gelling and bacteria and fungus build up.
Why do I need to use Actioil?
Due to European regulations the Diesel fuel you buy today has less sulphur and more biofuel in it which leaves it more vulnerable to attack from bacteria, fungus & yeasts creating deposits in your tank or fuel system, which blocks your filters and injectors.
What will Actioil do?
When you treat your vehicle or tank, Actioil will chemically react with the diesel and kill & remove any bacteria, deposits & water from your system and it will than coat your entire fuel system in your vehicle or inside of the storage tank to prevent these bacteria, fungi from forming again during the period of protection.
Will my filters not get clogged by the deposits been removed?
No Actioil makes tiny (nano) particles of the contamination, suspends them in the diesel and they are removed harmlessly as you use the fuel.
Will it damage the fuel pump and injectors?
No, in fact Actioil will enhance them by cleaning the injectors restoring them to their capabilities, when not over damaged by the contamination before treatment.
Do I have to put Actioil in every time I fill my fuel tank?
No you only need to treat your vehicle once every year and your storage tank once every 3 year. Once treated correctly Actioil will protect your vehicle or storage tank for the times given in the treatment tables over the page.
If I have just filled my fuel tank can I use Actioil?
No you need to treat your tank or vehicle when you have less than quarter your tank full, you than need to fill your tank up to agitate the Actioil you added.
Is this not just an extra cost on my fuel bills?
No, when spread across the period of protection and the amount of fuel you purchase in this period, Actioil works out very cheap. Actioil will also help improve your fuel efficiency, thus lowering your fuel bill, it will also mean less down time and maintenance costs on your engines saving you even more.
Can Actioil help during freezing weather?
Yes Actioil when used in a more concentrated form can help protect your diesel from gelling/freezing and crystallisation down to temperatures of -28?C. This will improve your start up times during cold weather.
Is Actioil a treatment or an additive?
Actioil is a complete diesel fuel system treatment, not to be confused with cheaper additives which you have to add in with every fill of fuel.
Does it matter if my tank is made of plastic or steel?
No it doesn’t matter what the tank is made from, once the treatment is done as per the directions it will work.
Do I have to treat both my storage and vehicle tank?
Yes you do as treating your storage tank will only treat the diesel in the tank once it enters your vehicles fuel system which hasn’t been treated it is at risk of been contaminated while in your vehicle.
I have had no problems with my storage tank or vehicles do I need Actioil?
Yes, Actioil should be used as a preventative measure not just a cure to problems, as preventing these problems from occurring will save you on down time and maintenance costs.
Where can I find out my local stockist of Actioil?
You can contact Finol Oils Ltd with your location and we can direct you to your nearest stockist.