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Whether Jet Ski, Speedboats or Large Cruise Liners, we have a full range of Marine Lubricants for all applications

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Glacelf Classic

A concentrate antifreeze based on monoethylene gly - Read More

Glacelf Auto Supra

A very long life concentrate antifreeze based on h - Read More


Finol Antifreeze is an ethylene glycol based antif - Read More


COOLELF CLASSIC 26°C is a coolant fluid based on - Read More

Glacelf MDX

When GLACELF MDX antifreeze is mixed with an appro - Read More


TOTAL COOLELF SI-OAT is a very-long-life coolant m - Read More


A very long life ready to use coolant based on mon - Read More


TOTAL GLACELF SI-OAT is a "very long life" antifre - Read More

Coolant SI-Oat R.T.U.

A ready to use long life SI-Oat Coolant/Antifreeze - Read More

Neptuna 2T Super Sport

Mineral oil for all pleasure craft 2-stroke petrol - Read More

Neptuna Speeder 10w-30

Synthetic based oil for all pleasure craft 4-strok - Read More

Rubia FP 40

Detergent oil for fast or semi-fast marine Diesel - Read More

Caprano TDH 15w40

High performance multigrade oil specially suited t - Read More

Caprano TDI 15w40

Very high performance multigrade lubricant special - Read More

Milkano TC 40

Monograde detergent oil for 2-stroke marine diesel - Read More

Neptuna 2T BIO-JET

A biodegradable synthetic lubricant for 2 strokes - Read More

Neptuna 2T Racing

Synthetic-based 2-stroke petrol engine oil for mar - Read More

Caprano TDJ 15W40

A synthetic LOW SAPS industrial diesel engine oil - Read More


Very high performance synthetic biodegradable lubr - Read More

Caprano TDJ FE 10W30

Synthetic LOW SAPS Fuel Economy diesel engine oil - Read More

Caprano MT Range

A high-performance monograde lubricant for 4 strok - Read More

Caprano TD 30

A mineral monograde detergent lubricant developed - Read More

Caprano M Range

Caprano M is a range of monograde oils specifical - Read More

Caprano TD 40

A mineral monograde detergent lubricant developed - Read More

Rubia S 10

Diesel engine type lubricant for hydraulic applica - Read More

Performance S10

Performance S10 is especially recommended for hyd - Read More


A very high performance synthetic, renewable, biod - Read More

Fluide G3

Fluid for automatic transmissions and hydraulic sy - Read More

BioHydran TMP

Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid complying with the E - Read More

Hydroflo CT

Hydraulic fluid with very high viscosity number an - Read More

Hydraulic HV Range

The Finol Hydraulic HV range is a high viscosity - Read More

Multis FIL EP 2 Grease

Multi-purpose extreme-pressure lithium/calcium tac - Read More


Multipurpose extreme pressure biodegradable lithiu - Read More

Ceran XM 220

Extreme-pressure water resistant high temperature - Read More

Multi EPL 1

Multi EPL 1 is aMulti-purpose extreme-pressure lit - Read More

Multi EPL 3

Multi EPL 3 is a Multi-purpose extreme-pressure li - Read More

Multi EPL 0

Multi EPL 0 is a Multi-purpose extreme-pressure li - Read More

Multi EPL 2 Complex Red

Multi Complex EPL 2 Red is a specially developed m - Read More

Multi EPL 00

A multi-purpose extreme pressure semi-fluid lithiu - Read More

Multi EPL 000

A multi-purpose extreme pressure semi-fluid lithiu - Read More

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