A Range of High Quality Screen Washes.

When driving your vehicle be it a car, tractor or bus one of the most important requirements for safe driving is good visibility, and one Screen wash product focusmethod of ensuring you have good visibility through your wind screen is to use a good quality screen wash and to keep your screen wash reservoir toped up at all times. At Finol we have two types of high quality screen washes available, we have TOTAL’s ready to use all season screen wash and we have our own branded FINOL Rapid Windscreen Cleaner which is a concentrate screen wash you just need to add water to.

TOTAL’s All Season Screen Wash is ready to use and for all seasons. It is made with an Anti-reflexion & anti-scale formula and contains a bittering agent. The screen wash is excellent at removing salt and traffic film from your windscreen. It is also suitable for use in cold winters as it won’t freeze until temperatures drop to below -10 degrees. TOTAL’s All Season Screen Wash is available from Finol in a case of 4x4L bottles.FINOL’s Rapid Windscreen Cleaner is a concentrate windscreen cleaner, and it prevents smearing, and removes insects and other dirt adhering to windscreens. Rapid Windscreen Cleaner is also approved in accordance with Volkswagen TL 52 184. Rapid Windscreen Cleaner is available from Finol in a display pack of 25x32ml and one 32ml bottle can mix with 2.5 – 3 litres.

For more information on our Screen Wash range you can view them on our website or contact Finol directly.

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