Finol Oils, an authorised partner of Total Lubricants, is delighted to announce the launch of the Finol Fuel Economy Calculator to the Irish market. The latest addition to Finols innovative suite of services (which also include Which Oil and NERO tank management), this state-of-the-art system highlights Finol’s continued dedication to producing the most advanced applications for our stockists and customers alike.

The Fuel Economy Calculator (available for use at is an easy to use online application which helps fleet and agricultural operators visualise the potential savings they can make by using the Total range of fuel economy lubricants in their vehicles.

Why Should You Use Fuel Economy Lubricants?Fuel Economy Calculator

In today’s market, by far the most prominent issue faced by fleet and agricultural operators is downtime. Vehicles off the road lead to a loss in revenue and with the numerous operating conditions and business pressures currently affecting the industry, it can be catastrophic.

Companies that are successful in this segment build their operation on a number of core principals such as high levels of reliability, efficiency and being competitive, but at the same time reducing spend. For fleet managers, one of the most significant operating costs is fuel. This is where Total’s range of fuel economy lubricants comes into play. Created in the Total laboratories with extensive hours of research and testing, these lubricants are proven to offer up to 3% fuel savings for users.

How Does it Work?

The Finol Fuel Economy Calculator is an extremely easy and adaptive tool to use. When the customer visits the application, there are a number of set fields that the user fills in. These fields include the following:

  • Average distance your vehicle(s) cover per year
  • Number of vehicles in your fleet
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Fuel Cost

Once these fields are completed, the Fuel Economy Calculator will highlight the potential savings you can make for your HDDO or agricultural vehicles by using Total Fuel Economy Lubricants instantaneously!

To find out what savings you can make today, go to or call our dedicated technical team at 01-455 5484.

About Finol

Headquartered in Dublin, Finol Oils is the leading supplier of premium, high-performance lubricants and services within the Irish market.

As exclusive partners of Total and Elf, Finol offer lubricant products across a wide range of industries including, Automotive, Commercial, Agriculture, Construction, Marine, Motorcycle, Industrial and Food manufacturing. 

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