Elf Evolution Full Tech FE 5W-30 Engine Oil

For many years now, Elf has been one of the premier brands operating within the lubricants industry, with involvement with some of the biggest motorsport associations in the world. As Elf approaches their 50-year partnership with Renault, it is the perfect time to have an in-depth look at one of their premium products Elf Evolution Full Tech FE 5W-30. This innovative and high-performance engine oil is the latest in high-performance fuel economy lubricants that use Elf synthetic technology and is designed for lubricating light vehicle engines., specially designed to ensure compatibility with post-treatment systems.

Why Use Elf Evolution Full Tech FE 5W-30?

A fully synthetic low SAPS engine oil, Evolution Full Tech FE 5W-30 is compliant with the latest ACEA and API and is approved by Renault.  This product is particularly recommended for diesel engines that are designed in accordance with EURO IV & EURO V norms regarding emission reduction.  It is also specifically adapted to Renault vehicles equipped with Diesel Particulate Filter. Made for all driving styles the is engine oil is perfectly suited for vigorous and high-speed driving.


What are the benefits?Understanding Engine Oil and how it works

As a market leading engine oil Evolution Full Tech FE 5W-30 has a wide range of benefits that make this engine oil stand out as one of Elf’s premier products. Evolution Full Tech FE 5W-30 that the three-way catalytic converters and particulate filters functions at their optimal levels, reducing emissions of NOx, CO2, CO and particles. It also complies with the performance levels highlighted by manufacturers and Euro V environmental standards.

  • Excellent engine cleanliness and protection

Ensures maximum engine cleanliness due to its excellent detergent and dispersion properties.It also provides the engine with an excellent global wear protection, thanks to its use of high technology additives.

  • Protects the Diesel Particulate Filter

Thanks to its low rates of sulfur, ash and phosphorus (low SAPs), this engine oil provides is extremely durable for post-treatment systems (in particular the DPF) allowing for a higher reduction in pollutant emissions.

  • Reduction of the fuel consumption ( Fuel Economy)

The specific formulae of this oil allow for greater fuel economy (thanks to a reduction in friction )

. 2,1 % at the M111 FE test of ACEA (minimum 1 %).

  • Increase drain intervals

Contributes to the increase in the intervals between the drains. The interval can potentially increase up to 30 000 km.

  • Reduction of the oil consumption

Reduces the level of oil consumption thanks to the use of synthetic base oils of low volatility.

  • Ensured performance and quality of the lubricant over time

Ensures outstanding engine longevity due to its very high resistance to oxidation.


ACEA:                    C4, level of performance C3

OEM Approval: Renault Diesel with particulate filter (except 2.2 dCi)       RN720  


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Evolution Full Tech FE 5W-30 is readily available from Finol Oils in a wide variety of sizes that include 1 Litre and 5 Litre packs, 20 Litre drums, 208 Litre barrels and bulk quantities. For more information on fuel economy product, contact Finol today at 01-4555484 or go to https://www.finol.ie/product/productevolution-full-tech-fe-5w-30/







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