A new TOTAL Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF) range has been launched globally and it replaces the existing TOTAL MTF products. The new TOTAL MTF range involves new product names while maintaining the same formulation for most products and rationalisation of some products.

Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF) is an essentially lubricant for the manual transmission of a vehicle which can be a passenger car or a heavy duty vehicle. The manual transmission consists of the gearbox and the axle.

Heavy Duty

For the TOTAL MTF range, TOTAL’s MTF for the gearbox meets the API GL-4 levels and TOTAL’s MTF for the axles meets the API GL-5 levels.

In addition to API specifications, most TOTAL MTF products have official direct OEM specifications approvals from the likes of Mercedes Benz, MAN, Scania, Volvo, ZF etc. after officially meeting the technical requirements set by these OEMs.

 Conversion table from old names to new names

Total Manual Transmission Range


  • DUAL: This indicates a product that can be used for both Gearboxes & Axles
  • GEAR: This indicates a product that is used for Gearboxes only
  • AXLE: This indicates a product that can be used for Axles only


The numbers in the product name represents performance levels so therefore the higher the number the better the performance. Therefore Gear 9 offers a higher performance level than Gear 7.

Introduction of New Products into Ireland

As the official partner for TOTAL Lubricants in Ireland the new range of MTF’s are available from Finol Oils Ltd or one of their official stockists. The renamed TOTAL Manual Transmission Fluid range will begin to replace depleted stocks of the current range and Finol’s customers will begin to receive these new products when placing orders as normal for the current range.

For more information on the new range you can contact Finol directly.

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