Oil For Hyundai – What oil is needed for Hyundai cars.

Knowing the best oil to use in your Hyundai is very important as the oil is one of the most important elements in keeping your hyundai’s engine healthy. Engine oil is sometimes compared to been as vital for an engine as blood is to a body. The engine oil in your For Focus keeps the engine’s parts moving whilst also protecting them.Different Oils Required by Ford

Different Oils for Hyundai

In most cases for your Hyundai, you need to look for a 5W/30 engine oil with the ACEA specifications C3. However it is more advisable that you always look for the top international branded oils that have the full approval from Hyundai as you are guaranteed quality oil that has been fully approved by your cars manufacturer. This is especially preferred when your Hyundai is still under warranty as using an un approved oil means you run the risk of voiding your warranty if when tested the oil that states it meets the requirement does not pass the test which could happen.

Fully Approved Total Oils for Volkswagen Engines

Below are the Total Quartz engine oils that are approved by Hyundai for use in their engines, all of which are available from Finol Oils Ltd in Dublin.


ProductBulk208L Barrel20L Drum3x5L18x1L
Total Quartz INEO MC3 5W/30
ACEA: C3 | Tested and Approved by HYUNDAI KIA Motors