Actioil A550

Actioil A550 is a new long life diesel fuel treatment to prevent, protect and purify diesel of problems caused by regular use, water contamination, cold weather and more. It is not just a biocide, nor is it just a additive. It is a complete treatment, officially approved by major vehicle and equipment manufacturers.
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* Why use Actioil?
* Condensation or water in Diesel tanks caused by changes in outside temperature, damp air, or hot fuel can lead to bacteria growth, microorganisms, corrosion of metal and other tanks.
* The phenomenon of Diesel Gelling is one side effect of bacterial growth which can cause major engine trouble which untreated will cost a small fortune to repair.
* Due to new regulations, Ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD), is becoming the norm in Ireland, while this is good for the environment, this lack of sulphur in diesel, which acted as a biocide of sorts, greatly increases the chance of bacterial growth otherwise known as ˜the diesel bug™.


* Using Actioil in your tank or storage tank, will give long life protection to your diesel and tank.
* It will maintain the original fuel characteristics, keep pumps, filters and engines clean of sludge or contamination.
* Actioil in your tank will destroy and eliminate bacteria and micro-organisms by combustion through the fuel burning process, it will atomize water particles, improve the quality and lubricity of your fuel, preserve your pumps and injectors and will dissolve sludge and sediment.
* Actioil will also reduce the freezing point of diesel to -21°C

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