Caprano TDI 15w40

Very high performance multigrade lubricant specially developed for the most modern fast-running marine diesels.

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* Particularly suited to the most modern and demanding fast-running marine diesels, notably those with exhaust gas recycling in order to satisfy the environmental standards regarding reduction of pollutant emissions up to EURO Phase IIIa or US EPA Tier 3.
* Can be used for lubricating auxiliary units and transmission systems


* Highly effective in protecting against liner polishing.
* Viscosity remains extremely stable in service.
* Outstanding dispersant and detergent properties, which limits oil thickening due to combustion products and guarantees internal engine cleanliness.
* Excellent wear and corrosion control, ensuring long engine and transmission system life.

Tech Spec

* ACEA : E7 / E5
* API : CI-4


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