Dynatrans MPV

Lubricant for wet disk brake transmissions and hydraulic systems for agricultural tractors and Public Works or handling equipment requiring an API GL-4 lubricant with a 10W/30 or 80W viscosity grade.



* Adapted to automatic transmissions, torque converters and hydrostatic transmissions and more generally to any transmissions requiring an UTTO (Universal Tractor Transmissions Oil) lubricant.
* Designed to lubricate hydraulic systems, power-assisted steering and power-take-offs (PTO) with wet clutches.


* Adapted to a wide range of agricultural and Public Works equipment and helps to reduce the stock and the number of lubricants.
* Excellent low temperature performances (protects friction brakes against sticking) and high temperature performances (protects against judder or excessive slip).
* Very good extreme pressure and anti-wear properties giving optimum protection of gears and hydraulic components.

Tech Spec

* API : GL-4


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