Finadet TFR PLUS

A mildly alkaline blend of biodegradable surface active agents, sequesterants, and corrosion inhibitor.
An amphoteric tenside is incorporated as a rinse aid and to enhance cleaning. The non-caustic nature
of this product makes it safe to handle and offers greater protection to vehicle body paintwork.



Product is normally applied with a high pressure washer or automated vehicle wash system. For
vehicle body washing, the detergent control of the machine should be set to give a 0.5% to 1.5%
solution, or as required. This may be adjusted according to the type of machine, extent of soiling, and
other working conditions. If a hot water pressure cleaner is used, optimum performance is at a
temperature of 400C. The solution is applied to the vehicle starting at the bottom and working upwards.
Extra care should be taken when washing in strong sunlight. Check the surface temperature, and if it
feels hot to the touch, then cool down with water before applying the solution. Do not allow the
solution to dry out on the vehicle. After a suitable contact time, rinse thoroughly with high pressure
For best results, dry all glass with a squeegee or leather after cleaning


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