Finol Premium HD4X R.T.U -37C

Finol Premium HD4X R.T.U -37°C is a long life coolant particularly suited for passenger Heavy Duty Vehicles.



  • Finol Premium HD4X RTU -37°C is a “long-life” coolant fluid based upon monoethylene glycol containing no amines, nitrites or phosphates.
  • Finol Premium HD4X RTU -37°C coolant is recommended for all the cooling circuits in internal combustion engines, particularly MTU (all engines), MB (except EURO 6) and MAN systems.
  • Finol Premium HD4X RTU -37°C figures as a “speciality” in our range of liquid coolants.


  • Finol Premium HD4X RTU -37°C provides an effective solution to the problems of corrosion affecting all materials used in cooling circuits.
  • Finol Premium HD4X RTU -37°C performs well in the corrosion tests required by the specifications: hot plate and glassware corrosion
  • The additives in Finol Premium HD4X RTU -37°C gives the coolant fluid:
    + A reserve of alkalinity (to neutralise the acids resulting from the combustion gases)
    + A resistance to foaming
    + A compatibility with hard water (maximum 40°F).
  • Finol Premium HD4X RTU -37°C is also inert to elastomeric seals and paint.
  • Tech Spec

  • AFNOR NFR 15-601
  •  BS 6580
  • Audi TL-774 C (G11)
  • VW TL-774 C (G11)
  • Skoda TL-774 C (G11)
  • Seat TL-774 C (G11)
  • BMW GS 94000
  • Volvo Cars 128 6083/002
  • MB 325.0
  • MTU – MTL 5048
  • MAN 324 Type NF
  • CATERPILLAR MWM 0199-99-2091/9
  • Opel-GM GMW 3420
  • Vauxhall GM 6277M (+B040 1065)
  • Steyr-Daimler Puch N 05045
  • Porsche TL-774 C (G11)
  • Van Hool
  • Volvo Construction 128 6083 / 002
  • Volvo Trucks 128 6083 / 002
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