Gear Oil EP Range

The Gear Oil EP range are superior quality gear oils that meet API GL5 specification. This range is applicable for hypoid rear axles and differentials, automotive gearboxes and similar gear systems that operate under heavily loaded conditions and prevents high wear rates even at elevated temperatures. The Gear Oil EP range is available in a number of single and multi-grade viscosities including:

80W, 80W/90, 80W/90 Limited Slip, 85W/140, 90W, 140W



* Hypoid rear axles and differentials, automotive gear boxes, and similar gear systems working under heavily loaded conditions.


* Protection against wear and damage in heavily loaded conditions.
* Very good resistance to shock loads.
* Protects components from rusting and corrosion during periods of inactivity.
* Long service life.
* Lubricates quickly and offers little resistance to movement at low temperatures.
* In some cases it is possible to use one multigrade oil in place of two monogrades.

Tech Spec

* API GL3,4 and 5
* MIL-L-2105D


Technical data sheet – Download

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