Glacelf Auto Supra

A very long life concentrate antifreeze based on high purity monoethylene glycol and organic corrosion inhibitors. When mixed with an appropriate quantity of water, becomes a coolant fluid recommended for all internal combustion engines in cars and vans, trucks, construction machinery and agricultural tractors.



* GLACELF AUTO SUPRA contains no silicates, phosphates, chromates, nitrites or boron.
* GLACELF AUTO SUPRA is diluted in demineralised water (< 8°F) to form a permanent coolant that can be used throughout the year.
* To obtain a coolant perfectly mixed, it is recommended to mix mechanically the antifreeze with the water. Protection against freezing depends upon the proportions of GLACELF AUTO SUPRA in the water. (See spec sheet for more details)
* GLACELF AUTO SUPRA is entirely safe to use in all cast iron or aluminium engines and in cooling systems containing aluminium or copper alloy radiators.
Recommended oil change interval:
* 500,000 km/4 years when used in trucks
* 250,000 km/5 years when used in cars.


* Organic technology ensures a long-term action to offer maximum protection against any type of corrosion, erosion and cavitation, even at high temperatures.
The organic additives in GLACELF AUTO SUPRA give to the coolant:
* Chemical neutrality (pH 7-8.5),
* A reserve of alkalinity to neutralise the acids resulting from the combustion gases,
* Resistance to foaming,
* Compatibility with hard water (maximum 40°F).
* Heat transfer remains optimised: fully organic additives allow avoiding any formation of deposits and leave surfaces clean.

Tech Spec

* AFNOR NFR 15-601
* ASTM D3306
* ASTM D4656
* ASTM D4985
* ASTM D6210
* BS 6580
* JASO M325
* JIS K2234
* SAE J1034
* NATO S-759


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