Glacelf MDX

When GLACELF MDX antifreeze is mixed with an appropriate quantity of water it becomes a coolant recommended for all cooling circuits in internal combustion engines, especially MTU (all engines), MB (all engines, without limitation) and MAN systems.

In accordance with French Decree No. 95-326 of 20th March 1995 concerning the distribution of certain substances containing monoethylene glycol, GLACELF MDX contains an additive to give it a bitter taste as a guarantee against accidental ingestion by children or users.



* GLACELF MDX is used diluted in demineralised water (< 8F) and forms a permanent coolant that can be used throughout the year.
* To obtain a coolant perfectly mixed, it is recommended to mix mechanically the antifreeze with the water.
* it is recommended that the final solution should contain at least 33% by volume of GLACELF MDX. Do not use concentrations above 70%.


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