Lube Shuttle One Handed Grease Gun

This new Screw Cartridge Grease Gun has been developed by Lube shuttle. It is a one handed grease gun constructed with a zinc plated steel barrel with an ergonomically designed pistol grip and is packed in environmentally friendly cartons. Total now pack a new cartridge for its grease products to screw into this grease gun.
Finol Oils sell this one handed grease gun with a solid hose connection included.



* Unscrew lid from Total 400g Screw-in grease cartridge.
* Screw grease cartridge into grease gun.
* Give the bottom of the grease cartridge a quick push to expel any air that may have been trapped during loading.
* Screw on hose fixing.
* Squeeze grease gun trigger 2 or 3 times to expel air in hose and grease will start to flow.


* PRACTICAL – easy to open cartridges and guns can be operated with one hand
* CLEAN – user can insert cartridges without opening the gun
* QUICK – very easy to insert and eject cartridges
* ECONOMIC – leaves little residue in the cartridge giving customers maximum value
* BRANDED – gun carries TOTAL brand to promote your use of high quality products
* VISIBILITY grease grade can be seen at a glance without removing the cartridge.
* WASTAGE – Thanks to TOTAL cartridge design, there is no wastage at the end of the cartridge, like you get in other types of cartridges.

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