Moto Chain Lube

Very high performance grease for motorcycle chains.

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* Specially designed for lubricating driving chains (all types of motorcycle).
* The perfect grease for all conditions of use (touring and racing, roads and off-road).
* Particularly recommended when the chain has to cope with very severe conditions as well as external pollution (mud, water, etc).


* The use of Elf Moto Chain Lube extends the lifetime of the chain.
* The grease gives maximim protection against chain corrosion.
* Elf Moto Chain Lube is insoluble in water, even saline.
* The use of a special solvent means that Elf Moto Chain Lube:
– is sufficiently fluid as it leaves the spray to be well distributed on the chain.
– sticks very quickly, thanks to the rapid evaporation of the solvent, consistency and adherence adapted to the requirements of a motorcycle chain.
* Elf Moto Chain Lube shows very good shear resistance for maximum chain protection.
* The fluorescent yellow colour of the grease, and its special aerosol spray diffuser facilitate application.
* The solvent used in Elf Moto Chain Lube is non-toxic and the CO2 propellant does not affect the ozone layer.
* A thin film of Elf Moto Chain Lube is sufficient.

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