Multagri Pro-Tec 10W-40

Multipurpose oil adapted to the lubrication of different systems of agricultural machinery, designed for turbocharged or naturally-aspirated Diesel engines meeting European standard Stage I and II (2002) and American standard EPA Tier 1 and 2.

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* Mechanical transmissions fitted with oil bath brakes
* Hydraulic lift and assistance circuits
* Power take-offs and multidisc clutches operating in oil
* Hydrostatic steering systems


* Can be used in most old or new mechanical components of agricultural machinery, simplifying lubricant supply and storage.
TOTAL MULTAGRI PRO-TEC 10W-40 exhibits lots of advantages and properties:
* Its SAE 10W viscosity makes it fluid when cold, permitting easy engine starts at low temperature, & immediate efficiency of hydraulic filters guaranteeing shorter response time for hydraulic drive systems
* Outstanding anti-wear propeties ensuring a long life of engine, transmission systems and hydraulic circuit components
* Anticorrosion and antirust properties to protect the non-ferrous metals and alloys in mechanical components
* Excellent anti-foaming qualities, to prevent any sump overflow or cavitation
* Completely inert to seals
* The use of specially refined base oils gives high resistance to oxidation, preventing the formation of deposits and glaze on parts operating at high temperature
* Special frictional characteristics ensuring progressive, efficient and silent operation of brake and clutch systems
* Reduces fuel & oil consumption in engines thanks to the use of selected base oils

Tech Spec

* API GL-4


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