Nevastane Chain Oil XT

Nevastane Chain Oil XT is a high-temperature synthetic chain oil, suitable for incidental food contact.

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* NEVASTANE CHAIN OIL XT is a high performance chain oil specially designed for the lubrication of any control, drive and transport chains subject to high temperatures and loads in the food industries: bakeries, slaughterhouses, beverage industries, etc.


* NEVASTANE CHAIN OIL XT is recommended for use where incidental contact with food may occur. Using maintenance lubricants which have been registered H1 with NSF minimizes your critical control points as required by HACCP.
* Formulation based on high performance complex neopolyol esters.
* Exceptional resistance to high temperatures and adhesion properties.
* Low evaporation and high flash point.
* Reduction in oil consumption and significant extensions of lubrication intervals.

Tech Spec

* NEVASTANE CHAIN OIL XT formulation complies with FDA, chapter 21 CFR, 178.3570.
* NEVASTANE CHAIN OIL XT is NSF H1 registered: No 144427.
* NEVASTANE CHAIN OIL XT is a biostable product, it does not promote the development of bacteria and mould.


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