Caloris MS 23

High temperature bentone clay grease with molybdenum disulfide

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* Lubrication of slow moving mechanisms subjected to very high temperatures and repeated shocks. The presence of molybdenum disulfide will guarantee good lubrication, and avoid any jamming or sticking.
* Allows peak temperatures up to 220°C, provided that the period of operation at this temperature is limited and that the equipment is re-greased frequently.
* CALORIS MS 23 grease offers the possibility of working in a corrosive atmosphere due to its resistance to mild alkaline and acidic solutions.
* Always avoid contamination of the grease by dust and/or dirt when applying. Preferably use a pneumatic pump system. It is recommended to clean all components before using CALORIS MS 23 and to avoid any mixture/dilution of the grease with conventional greases.


* Excellent mechanical stability.
* Excellent resistance to high loads and repeated shock loading due to the presence of Molybdenum disulfide.
* Very good anti-wear properties
* Resistant to mild alkaline and acidic solutions.

Tech Spec

* ISO 6743-9: L-XAEEA 2/3
* DIN 51502: MF2/3P – 15


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