Elfmatic G3

Fluid for automatic transmissions and hydraulic systems.

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* Is recommended for all automatic transmissions and hydraulic systems for which the manufacturer recommends a DEXRON III fluid :
* automatic gearboxes
* couplers and convertors
* Power-assisted steering systems.


* Very high thermal stability, high antioxidant and detergent level allowing to keep the performances during a long period of use and preventing from deposits, gums and varnish formation.
* Special friction properties giving controlled slip for friction components: gear shifting quality, demands smooth clutching action without excessive slip and free from chatter. This basic property, which depends on the relative static and dynamic friction coefficients and the variation of the latter with speed, is obtained by means of special unctuous additives.
* High anti-wear, anticorrosion and antifoam performances.
* Perfect neutrality with elastomers and non-ferrous metals (copper, etc).
* Very high viscosity index.
* Low temperature fluidity to avoid surge or sudden overload of circuits when starting in very cold weather.
* Precise and smooth automatic shifting even at very low speed.
* Low pour point.

Tech Spec

* Dexron III


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