Total Quartz 9000 0W-30

100% synthetic, very high performance lubricant dedicated to the lubrication of pertrol & diesel car engines, carrying manufacturer approvals from Volvo & Ford cars.

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* TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 0W-30 is a synthetic technology engine oil that has been developed to cover the most stringent requirements of both gasoline and diesel passengers cars engines.
* TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 ENERGY 0W-30 is particularly suited to the most recent engines.
* This engine oil can be used in the most difficult operating conditions (city traffic, major roads, motorways), and is appropriated for all driving types, especially sporty, high-speed and all-season driving.


* Antiwear protection: this oil ensures optimum engine longevity with its antiwear properties that protect the engine’s most sensitive parts.
* Especially long oil change intervals
* Engine protection, cleanliness and performance: This oil contains detergent and dispersive additives that keep the engine clean, high performing and thus preserve its power.
* Easier cold starts: its exceptional fluidity is perfectly adapted for cold starting in extreme weather conditions and ensures a good protection of mechanical parts at high temperature.
* Fluidity: Its exceptional fluidity reduces friction and therefore creates significant fuel savings (Fuel Economy were measured at 2.6% during official M111FE testing) and reduces CO2 emissions.

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* ACEA A5/B5


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