Total Quartz 9000 V-Drive 0W-20

A premium, synthetic technology engine oil designed for use in VOLVO’s requiring the complex specification VOLVO VCC-RBS0-2AE.

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* TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 V-DRIVE 0W-20 is a premium, synthetic technology engine oil that lowers friction and provides excellent protection against wear, rust and deposits.
* It is particularly suitable for use in VOLVO Drive-E engines, where the manufacturer recommends the usage of the oil approved to VOLVO VCC RBS0-2AE and SAE 0W-20 GRADE
* TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 V-DRIVE 0W-20 offers outstanding fuel economy properties while maximizing engine performance in the long turn.


* Reducing environmental impact: 3.44% reduction in fuel consumption, as measured by the official ACEA test M111FE.
* Engine protection and cleanliness: This oil contains detergent and dispersive additives and offers excellent protection in its category against wear and deposits.
* Easier cold starts: Easy cold starts due to its extreme fluidity at low temperature.
* Engine performance: TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 V-Drive 0W-20 maximizes short and long term engine performance.

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* Acea C5


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