Quartz Ineo Efficiency 0W-30

Total Quartz Ineo Efficiency 0W-30 is a low-saps, fully synthetic engine oil specially formulated for the diesel and petrol engines of the BMW group of passenger vehicles



  • TOTAL QUARTZ INEO EFFICIENCY 0W-30 is specially formulated for the Diesel and petrol engines of BMW group passenger vehicles. Its low phosphorus, sulphated ash and sulphur content protect post-treatment systems that reduce pollutant emissions.
  • TOTAL QUARTZ INEO EFFICIENCY 0W-30 performs in the most demanding driving conditions (city traffic, major roads and motorways).
  • This lubricant is suited to every kind of driving, including sports, high-speed and all-season driving.


  • Antiwear protection: TOTAL QUARTZ INEO EFFICIENCY 0W-30 ensures optimum engine longevity with its antiwear properties that protect the engine’s most sensitive parts.
  • Optimum engine Protection, Cleanliness and Performance: This oil contains detergent and dispersive additives that keep the engine clean and thus preserve its power.
  • Easier cold starts: The “0W-” grade ensures extra-high fluidity and easy starts even in very cold temperatures.
  • Respect for the environment: TOTAL QUARTZ INEO EFFICIENCY 0W-30 is formulated to protect anti-pollution systems such as particulate filter and three-way catalysts. Pollutant emissions are therefore reduced (HC, NOx, CO, Particles…).
  • Tech Spec

  • ACEA C2 & C3
  • BMW LL-04 (Suitable for BMW and MINI brands)
  • MB-Approval 229.51 (Backward compatible MB-Approval 229.31)
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