TP Star Trans 80W-110

An extremely high-performing engine oil specially developed for the lubrication of materials used in Public Works, Mines or Quarries.

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* TP STAR TRANS makes it possible to lubricate front or back strongly hypoid axles and
loaded final reductions.
* TP STAR TRANS is usable in limited slip self-locking disc differentials.
* TP STAR TRANS permits also the cooling and the good work without vibrations of oil immersed brake systems.
* TP STAR TRANS can also be used in all types of gearboxes, with mechanical or synchronized shifting
* TP STAR TRANS is used all year round, due to its high viscosity index :
– very fluid at cold temperature, permits a use of the final drive line, without power losses and with a break capacity immediately available and efficient.
– thick at high temperature, keeps an optimal and securized lubrication of loaded organs.
* In certain application cases, TP STAR TRANS must be used in conjonction with the STAR XL additive (Refer to the Technical Data Sheet)


* Allows to strongly decrease the lubricant number needed for the whole vehicle park maintenance.
* Reaches the performance levels required by the machinery OEMs for the severe earth-moving applications.
* Erases all mistake possibilities of lubricant application, with security.

Tech Spec

* API GL-5 / GL-4


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